2017-10-26 10:02

5 The Most Suitable Purchase Weapons (A)

Consumer grade ECO common weapon

In general, CS:GO skins’ value and attraction depend on its quality and rarity, but there are most people will choose to buy a useful and forceful one. If you only attention to its pattern, the following skins may be your ideal, the cheapest and the best skins.

Consumer grade skins are the lowest skins in CS:GO, and they are easiest to get. But there are some weapons no more drop, such as assault weapon case, UMP-45| Caramel. Because of it, its price is the one of the most expensive price at Consumer grade.

Let’s talk about Consumer grade skins, these weapons are added some camouflage and strip, they relate to military camouflage, it makes the most of weapons look a bit of dreariment. But there are still some smart weapons.

P250 | Boreal Forest

Factory New Price: 0.14$

Introduction: one low recoil and high firing rate pistol, when facing worn guard opponent, P250 is a cheaper choice. This weapon uses forest camouflage to decorate.

Collector of de_lake

This skin has some functional forest camouflage cover it, including cartridge, trigger, body. But in CS:GO, there is no one map uses forest as its item, otherwise, this skin could integrate into forest perfectly.

UMP-45 | Indigo

Factory New Price: 2.28$


Smaller box magazine is its only one shortcoming, otherwise it is an all-rounder of short distance automatic firearms. This weapon uses cyan, blue and grey to decorate.

Collector of de_cobblestone

UMP-45 | Indigo, even it is not so much beautiful, but its market volume is not low. It should be the one of skins the most drop of castle souvenirs case. If you have P3 or P4, add USP-S|Royal Blue, M4A1-S|Basilisl, which could make up a set of CT pure blue.