2017-10-27 02:33

5 The most suitable purchase weapons (B)

Five-SeveN | Forest Night

Factory New Price: 0.15$


Owning high accuracy, could pierce armor, costly FN75 takes too much time to reload, in order to make it up, it has low recoil and cleverly designed 20 rounds of ammunition. This weapon covered forest camouflage.


Collector of de_train


Another blue camouflage skin, it not uses normal pure blue, but close to MARCOR’s camouflage. As I said before, if there is a forest map in CS:GO, I believe they could cooperate well.


Five-SeveN | Contractor

Factory New Price: 3.92$


High accuracy, pierce armor, costly FN57 too much time to reload, it has cleverly designed 20 rounds of ammunition and los recoil. Parts of weapon are covered of sepia, deep blue and green.


Collector of de_mirage


Simple decoration, covered by black and sepia. In DustⅡand Mirage, it could match with desert maps perfectly. But this skin has a special abrasion, even though Factory New quality, there is a obvious abrasion above gun-barrel, of course you can image it hurt by your opponent within a short distance.


Tec-9 | Urban DDPA

Factory New Price:~0.18$


One ideal pistol of T to take maneuver, Tec-9 could make fatal injury in a short distance, with big box magazine’s capacity. This weapon uses DDPAT to decorate.


Collector of de_bank


Urban DDPAT is a series of skins, M4A4,UMP and pink AWP, and some knives’ decoration. DDPAT is short for Digital Disruption Pattern, whole gun body is coved pixel patter.