Guess What In Cash Topping Up?

2017-09-08 01:32

Monthly sale activity comes again! Have you enjoyed the activity in August? If not, hope you will not miss this one!
September 4 to September 15

1. Click the button on the right top of each page to get a 20% bonus coupon.
2. The coupon can be used for cash topping up when each one-time topping up amount reaches 3$.
3. If the one-time topping up amount ≥5$, after topping up successfully, you can click the button again to get an extra 20% bonus coupon, and it can be used in the next time.
4. If you don’t want to use it at the moment, you can find the coupon in your "Member Center"—"My Voucher"—"Coupon" and use it before it expired.
5. Remember to select your coupon on the "Check Out" page and click "Submit", only in this way you can get the extra 20% vp.

For Example:
If the topping up amount is: 3$
The VP you will receive: 300+300*20%=360

If the topping up amount is: 10$
The VP you will receive: 1,000+1,000*20%=1,200
Besides, you can claim an extra 20% bonus coupon.

Don't forget to get the coupon first at the right top of each page!