Lucky Draw for Christmas

2017-12-23 07:04

Rudolph is a must have for Santa.

Your support is a must have for VREECASE.

Here comes a lucky draw for you guys.

Image that you are stunning with ★ Karambit | Lore or receive 70% coupon! What are you waiting for?


Only for cash deposit. Top up 5 dollars for one chance, 10 dollars for two chances, and so on.


Doge Case (29VP)
10% Coupon
Duck Case (69VP)
20% Coupon
Case Hardened (400VP)
30% Coupon
★ Karambit | Lore(BS) (37800VP)
70% Coupon


UK: Dec. 24th 8:00 - Dec. 31st 16:00


Free cases and coupons will be expired on Dec. 31st 16:00