Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th

Make Money

Make Money
There is a chance for you to make money with your good writing skill!
An invitation for players submitting articles consistent with Vreecase introduction.


Article requirements
1.The kinds of topics, such as good reviews, cases opening guidelines, anything good for promoting, should be concerned in your articles.
2.The article you submit should be a finished and completely described your opinions one.
3.At least 600 words required.

Submission Instructions
1.Send articles to: support # (replace "#" with "@"). The subject of email should be "Vreecase Article".
2.The authors will be notified within 3 days if the articles had been approved.
3.Each approved article might be posted on or Internet.
4.It’s a long-term invitation with no submission deadline.

For each approved article, the author can get a reward which can be real money or VP.
Do you have your own Website/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube and want to earn money through them to get top skins? Now there is a great chance for you guys to get what you want. Just join our affiliate and post your affiliate link/code on your Website/Facebook/Twitter/YouTube…

How much commission you can earn?

How Affiliate Program Works?

1. Sign up
Fill in the registration form on the affiliate system and wait for the confirmation email. We need to review your qualifications to see if you are suitable.
Why I need to sign up? What’s the advantages of your affiliate system?
This is an affiliate program which you can develop your own Sub-Affiliates. When you become one of our affiliates, you can sign in the Affiliate- System to manage by yourself. You can not only get commissions from your referrals, but also can get commissions from your Sub-Affiliates’ referrals. That is to say, the more Sub-Affiliates you develop, the more commissions you’ll earn.

2. Sign In
If you successfully join the affiliate program, just simply sign in with your available affiliate account we sent to you. Then you can start to manage your account information, like change password, change payment methods and know some notifications, etc.

3. Place Your Ads
Login to choose our banner ads and text links from your “Affiliate link”, then place them anywhere on your own site or social media like blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. You don't need to be a technical whiz - just a copy and paste!

4. Earn Your Commission
Visitors who click through to from your ads are considered referrals. If they make a qualified purchase, you automatically earn commissions! The more customers you bring to us, the more commissions you can get.