15% Bonus For Topping Up

2017-09-29 06:07

If you are our active customers and observant enough, you must find that there is a new subject, which is one of the most popular games, called PUBG, was recently online on vreecase.com.
As what we always do, new activity comes with new subject!

The new activity for the customers:

15% bonus for topping up
How to get:
1. One-time topping up amount≥5$, and successfully paid.
2. After the payment received, click the button right top of each page, you will receive a 15% bonus coupon on your "Member Center"—"My voucher"-"Coupon".
3. It can be use for the next topping up(Minimum top up amount is 3$), please submit the coupon before checking out.

Every 5$ can receive a 15% bonus coupon.
Both Pay By Cash and Pay By Steam Skins are available.

Activity Time:
Oct. 1- Oct. 8, 2017 UK time

Wish you enjoy your PUBG, and let the activity save your money!