Share To Friends

2017-08-30 03:42

3 Referral Friends = One Free Case Draw

Receive a special chance for one free case draw! Yes, Share To Friends promotion is coming on! One Easy Step to get Three Referral Friends, Click One Button, then get One Free Case Draw.

Go to your Member Center and check the Referral Friends on the bottom. There are links of multiple social methods to share the Referral Link with your friends. Once it's fulfilled, you can go to the free case draw through the button.

Guess whether you can succeed on inviting 3 referral friends to Guess which case voucher you can get. Guess what magical weapon will show from your case.

How does it work?
1. Promote the link to your social media.
2. Anyone comes from your link to and successfully sign up will be considered as a referral.
3. 3 referrals can get a free case for you.
4. Only one chance to get the free case.

Enjoy yourself in the easy way.