2017-10-30 14:26

VreeCase Cup #2 finally coming! Sorry for making you wait so a long time.
The activities will available during the VreeCase Cup #2 and the Matches time.

What you can get:

1. Special case for topping up.

A free special case (high profit) will be available for you to open if your one-time top up amount is ≥10$.
How to open it:
Top up≥10$-->Member Center-->My Voucher-->Free Case-->Open
Note: Free case only available during the matches time. Every 10$ can enjoy a free case.

2. 10% bonus coupon for second – time topping up.

If first-time topping up amount is ≥10$, you can get an extra 10% bonus coupon, it can be use for your next topping up( Unlimited amount). Every 10$ can get a 10% bonus coupon.
How to use it:
Pay By Cash-->Enter Top Up Amount-->Select Coupon-->Submit-->Pay
Note: 10$ bonus coupon expired time according to the coupon’s time itself.

VreeCase Cup Beginning Time: 14:00, Monday, Oct.30, CET

Don’t forget to join us this time, or you will wait a long time till the next benefit activity comes.