Bonus Coins

Available on April 5th


  • Our Thanksgiving&Black Friday Surprises Are Here


    It’s that time of year again - Our Thanksgiving&Black Friday surprises are here! Free case and coupons are prepared to brighten your days! There is a one-time free coupon for first top up. Click the top ...

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    Special offers for November! Free cases and coupons are prepared for you. The more you top up, the more you will get. Remember to top up at one time. You can check the form below and see what you wil ...

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  • 2017-10-27

    5 The most suitable purchase weapons (B) Five-SeveN | Forest Night Factory New Price: 0.15$ Introduction: Owning high accuracy, could pierce armor, costly FN75 takes too much time to reload, i ...

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  • 2017-10-26

    5 The Most Suitable Purchase Weapons (A) Consumer grade ECO common weapon In general, CS:GO skins’ value and attraction depend on its quality and rarity, but there are most people will choose to buy a useful and forc ...

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  • What For Halloween?


    Halloween is coming! What will you prepare for your Halloween? Sugar, Apple, Pumpkin… What will we prepare for you for Halloween? Absolutely Free CSGO Case… And 20% Bonus! Two steps to get: 1. O ...

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  • Notice For PUBG Users


    Dear customer, If you had opened PUBG cases or is on your way to open some, here is a thing that you need to know: On October 19,2017, UK time, if the items stayed in the inventory over 48 hours, the items would be sold to our system automatical ...

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  • 15% Bonus For Topping Up


    If you are our active customers and observant enough, you must find that there is a new subject, which is one of the most popular games, called PUBG, was recently online on As what we always do, new activity comes with new subject! ...

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    VreeCase Cup #2 finally coming! Sorry for making you wait so a long time. The activities will available during the VreeCase Cup #2 and the Matches time. What you can get: 1. Special case for topping up. A free special ca ...

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  • VREECASE CUP #1 Comes To An End


    Congratulation to ex-Spartak first! Vreecase cup #1 launched on Sep 6th 2017 and ended on Sep 11th 2017. There are many highlights, oddshot and great tactics in matches progression. You can watch all match live records on or check ...

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  • Win Gifts By Guessing


    It's good news that Vreecase Cup #1 is coming! Vreecase is glad to announce a guessing event to share happiness. Here is a chance now to win great skins by guessing winning teams in Vreecase Cup #1. It's time to watch Vreecase Cup #1 and gues ...

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